HV and LV Rebuild and Refurbishment

Route evaluation, feasibility, access consents, circuit installation for the rebuild and refurbishment of circuits at all distribution voltages.

EHV Rebuild and Refurbishment

Replacement, modification, renovation and extension of the existing 33-66kV wood pole and mast lines.


As a result of these regulations, Gridworx has a continuing programme of overhead line upgrading to ensure the minimum height and distance requirements to roads and buildings for overhead line conductors is achieved.


Rebuild and Refurbishment of Transmission Towers

Gridworx have teams of transmission linesmen deployed all throughout England, Wales and Scotland refurbishing and rebuilding transmission towers. The linesmen undertake a number of tasks including:

  • Earthing
  • Insulator changing
  • Stringing
  • Blocking
  • Spacering
  • Renewal of step bolts
  • Steel replacements
  • Inspection

Other Services

Storm Response

Gridworx provides reactive mobilisation and deployment of linemen to rectify faults across the network as a result of winter storms or seasonal electric storms. In October 2017, Ireland was hit by Storm Ophelia which was the worst storm in recorded history in Ireland. The storm disrupted the power supplies of over 300,000 homes and business. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, Gridworx deployed teams of linesmen throughout Ireland to rectify faults and restore electrical supplies to customers.

Substation and Switchgear Renewal

Gridworx’s engineers construct and refurbish substations from 11kV to 400kv. Gridworx’s substation offering includes project management, electrical system studies, construction of substation buildings, supply and installation of primary and secondary electrical plant, supply and installation of control and protection schemes, MV and LV power and control cabling, earthing, testing and commissioning.


Gridworx also provides overhead line survey and conditioning reporting, technical appraisal, risk analysis, senior authorised persons for outage management, project management support and site health and safety management.


Gridworx’s experienced excavation and reinstatement gangs deliver a wide range of works including planned and reactive response works.

Underground Network Services

Gridworx provides full project management, route evaluation, feasibility, access consents, circuit installation for the rebuild and refurbishment of all underground cable networks at all distribution voltages.

Cable Installation and New Connections

Gridworx installs and maintains underground and ground-mounted electrical distribution assets including cable installation and new connections, cable jointing and electrical ducting systems.

Earthing Renewal

Gridworx has teams deployed on renewing and testing pole earths throughout England and Scotland. This work involves a site survey and risk assessment, excavation and installation of earth as appropriate, testing and reinstatement.