Gridworx provides contract services on overhead & underground power distribution networks for the UK’s major utility contractors and distribution network operators

Gridworx was originally established to meet the resource requirements of the Power Sector. Since our incorporation in 2011, Gridworx has successfully expanded, building trusted relationships with major contractors working in other utility sectors including Telecoms and Rail.

Gridworx provides contract services on overhead and underground power distribution networks for the UK’s major utility contractors and distribution operators. Gridworx’s service offering encompasses survey, build and refurbishment of underground and overhead power lines, both low voltage and high voltage up to 400kV.

Gridworx provides contracts services on overhead and underground telecoms networks for the UK’s and Ireland’s leading utility contractors. Gridworx’s service offering encompasses planning, installation and maintenance services on copper and fibre networks to our clients servicing the main network operators.

Gridworx is committed to achieving desired safety, quality and environment standards in all aspects of every project undertaken. Gridworx has invested in a bespoke works management system which provides a reporting platform to ensure that all regulatory and business standards are monitored throughout the business.

Gridworx is very proud to have achieved accreditation in ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Management) as these accreditations support Gridworx’s drive to provide quality, safety and reliability in delivering its services.

Gridworx’s Health, Safety, Environment and Quality capabilities have also been Achilles UVDB verified and qualified by audit. Gridworx is a member of Achilles UVDB Community.

Gridworx is pleased to have gained a SMAS Worksafe certificate. This means that we have met the SSIP core criteria recognised by the HSE and other SSIP accreditation schemes. Meeting the SSIP Core Criteria demonstrates that we are serious about H&S and have (and use) an effective H&S Management System to ensure that any work they are engaged in is, so far as reasonably practical, carried out without risk to health and safety.